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Developing online courses can save your company time, resources and Money

Leading global organizations utilize web based training everyday. By developing online courses for their employees, corporations are offering online access to a multitude of training opportunities, saving time and money while giving their employees the convenience of the web and the benefit of personal development. With today’s internet technologies, you can offer your employees the same training that expensive corporate online universities offer
for only $10 per learner!

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When you begin the process of developing online courses for your employees, keep three things in mind: flexibility, reliability, and a user-friendly environment. Training Department specializes in developing online courses for organizations at affordable prices.

Training Department's web based platform makes developing online courses through their easy to use self authoring module simple even for the most techno phobic of your staff. One stop shopping for corporate or employee training, we can solve all the difficulties of elearning development including working within technical requirements of your IT infrastructure as well as providing you expert copywriting. Our services provide you all the resources needed to construct an effective learning system for your company or employees, including our content design, performance improvement consulting services, and existing training modules.

In developing online courses for your business, you can access full-scale libraries of existing courses in topics like management training and business development. Begin your trial and update your staff on some of today's hottest topics in today’s business world are Sexual Harassment, Diversity Training, and Supervisor Training. Safeguard your business from incompetent employees causing unnecessary lawsuits and workplace conflicts.

In addition to accessing existing libraries, a robust system designed for developing online courses will allow you to build your own online management training courses, new employee orientation courses, product training courses, and safety training. Your users can get as many courses, tests, games, video clips, response tools and learning elements as they need!
A popular feature is the easy management and distribution of courses to departments and groups within your organization. You will be able to create and distribute courses to assigned departments and groups in seconds. Finally, you can even track activity on your learning system including your user’s login times, test scores and course history. For further analysis, viewing downloadable reports of student activity for employee files are available.

Start your 30 day trial and realize your search for an elearning solution is over!

When developing online courses, use a company that can create a one-stop resource for your users. Make sure the company you work with can assist you in uploading your organization's latest forms, spreadsheets, documents and instructions into an online document resource library. By doing so, your registered users will be able to easily access and download the latest versions of your documents.

Until now, only large organizations and full-time educators had the budget and staff for developing online courses. Today, you can launch your own web based training packages in minutes, with no special programming skills, hardware, or software required. Developing online courses with a 24-hour server-based, distance learning management system is at your finger-tips. You can begin developing online courses with an affordable, secure, distance learning management system that offers all the built-in tools you need. Today’s technologies have opened the door for developing elearning that you can build, manage and distribute to employees, 24-hours a day, anywhere with an internet connection.

Start your 30 day trial and realize your search for an elearning solution is over!