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Management and Personal Development Libraries:

TrainingDepartment.com offers complete libraries of business management and personal development courses that are available to your Registered Users, FREE. Each library offers some of the most current training titles in the workplace today, and all courses feature the full range of learning resources that have made TrainingDepartment.com so popular with learners and organizations worldwide.

Your TrainingDepartment.com package includes these leading libraries of courses any and all available for you and your team, FREE.

Your TrainingDepartment.com users will be able to learn fast, and at their own pace through vignettes, case studies, interactive response tools, games, research-based recommendations from the course "Coach" and "Professor", and over a dozen other learning tools. Whether your team members need foundational management skills, or some of the latest courses designed for the new Connected Economy, you can be confident that they will learn the seminal issues in every course quickly, and with ease.

New Supervisor Training

New Supervisor Training - Brand-new supervisors need guidance and help, the sooner the better. This series provides training courses that the new supervisor needs to support development of skills and self-confidence so they can begin doing their jobs effectively, right away.

Manager & Supervisor Training

Manager & Supervisor Training - Management development is a priority for most organizations. The courses in this series are targeted for supervisors, managers, and leaders who need practical skills so they can manage people most effectively.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training - Legal issues can be devastating to an organization. Costly lawsuits, out-of-court settlements, bad publicity, and high turnover are some of the consequences of failure to comply with current employment laws. This series addresses the most common legal issues that most companies face, and provides specific information for managers, supervisors, and human resources associates.

The Business Foundations Guide

The Business Foundations Guides - Individual contributors need more than technical skills to do their jobs effectively. The courses in this series focus on key business skills that most employees need and want.

Technical Professional Training

Technical Professional Training - The Technical Professional's Power Guides is designed with today's "techies" in mind with courses written from the beginning to use the power and flexibility of the Internet to deliver essential soft-skills training for technical professionals in the most flexible, user-friendly way.

Project Management Training

Project Management Training - Managing projects presents special challenges and issues. The courses in this series will aid the project manager in managing and training their team as well as managing the project itself.