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Course Title:
A Chilly Climate: Workplace Harassment

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
Illegal harassment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnicity, age, or disability causes low morale, affects productivity, and creates turnover. All of this is in addition to the liability and legal costs to employers of defending charges and lawsuits alleging harassment.

This course is for non supervisory employees. A unit in the Legal Issues for Supervisors further addresses this subject with additional informatioin for supervisors.However, we recommend that supervisors first take this course and follow it with the Legal Issues course.

This course provides knowledge about many different kinds of harassment. It also provides suggestions on how to handle harassment if you are the target of harassment.

In A Chilly Climate: Workplace Harassment, you will learn:

  • to identify different kinds of harassment
  • which kinds of harassment are illegal
  • how to handle harassment if you are a target of harassment
  • about both internal and external avenues to help you if you are a target of harassment

What are the benefits of A Chilly Climate: Workplace Harassment?

  • employees who understand appropriate behavior and modify inappropriate
  • behavior reduce the employer's liability
  • less harassment in the workplace means higher morale and productivity and lower turnover
  • having an internal procedure in place encourages employees to resolve harassment issues without resort to external agencies


A Chilly Climate: Workplace Harassment

Unit Screens Test Questions
1 - Workplace Harassment 16 5
2 - A Chilly Climate 12 5
3 - More Chilly Climates 13 5
4 - Still More Chilly Climates 12 5
5 - Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment 13 5
6 - Harassment Based on Race, Age, Religion, Ethnicity & Disability 12 5
7 - Targets of Harassment 9 5

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