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TrainingDepartment.com is the revolutionary online training system that gives you everything you've been waiting for...except the cost.

TrainingDepartment Distance Learning Management System TrainingDepartment.com is the only internet-based training system that gives you everything you need for your own custom web-based training system, without having to invest in building and maintaining your own server.

As a 100% web based hosted service, TrainingDepartment.com gives you and your team-members access to the latest training tools, courses and IBT technologies without the cost or hassle of maintaining your own hardware, software, or server assets. It's the Training Department that Travels With You. No matter what the location or time zone, your staff, employees, vendors and partners can log on to your own unique online training department, and have access to the full range of courses, libraries, and services . And best of all, all of the TrainingDepartment.com tools are one-click easy, requiring no programming whatsoever. If you can use a pull-down menu, and a keyboard, you can do it all.


Your own, private TrainingDepartment.com Distance Learning Management System Site Your own, private TrainingDepartment.com site and system, where you decide what courses, privileges, and access your team members get. It’s the only Internet-based training system where you have 24-hour access to the entire server, administration, authoring and systems, and can make your online Training Department exactly the way you want it. Plus…


Free Course Authoring Free Course Authoring - Enter content, images, games, tests, videos, vignettes, audio clips and more.

Test Results & Reports - View Quiz and Exam results by student. Filter your reports by individual student, course, business unit or exam date. Download your report for further analysis.

Instant Student Administration Instant Student Administration - Let students request courses, check progress, take courses and quizzes, send e-mails, "Ask the Expert" on your own online forums, and dozens of other activities.

One-click Course Assigning, Online Course Evaluation One-click Course Assigning- Instantly assign your courses or others from the FREE libraries to groups, users, even departments.

Quizzes, Exams and Online Test Evaluation - Call up test reports by department, group, or individual student. Know what subjects need work, and which areas need attention.>

Learner Response Tools Customized Learner Response Tools - Make your own matrices, tables, lists and a variety of learner input vehicles to maximize retention-rates.

Customized Games Customized Learning Games - Make your own "Hangman" and "tic-tac-toe" and other e-learning games with ease.

Online Forums - Easily promote the cross-pollination of course topics and interaction among team-members, trainers and administrators.

Bookmarks Bookmarks- Let students leave a course, and come back later in the day, or even next year.


Floating Notepads - Take notes while in a course, any course, anytime. Student notes are saved and are retrievable anytime on the TrainingDepartment.com system.

Course Administration Course Administration - Create, launch or change any screen or element of any course you’ve authored. Copy and paste your word documents directly into the course authoring tool. Proof your courses on the fly and make your last minute changes with a click of your mouse.




Document Library Document Library - Make available to your students your organization's important PDF's, word documents, spreadsheets and presentations in your own, private, online document resource library.


Access to complete libraries of web based training packages that are available for FREE. You'll have available:

...and much more!

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