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Manager and Supervisor Training

Designed for the Understaffed,
Super-Tasked Managers and Supervisors of Today

The Business Foundations Guide

The Manager and Supervisor Training library is designed with today's manager in mind...the understaffed, over-committed, super-tasked professional with more responsibilities than time or space can seemingly allow. Today's managers are doing more with less than ever before, and these core management courses are designed to provide cutting-edge material in a fast, efficient, power-package guaranteed to supercharge even the busiest student with skills and competencies that can be used right away.

The Manager and Supervisor Training courses feature vignettes or case-studies, interactive response tools, games, and research-based recommendations, so no matter what learning style you prefer, you have it available at your fingertips. By assigning these courses to your managers, you can have the confidence that members of your team will be equipped for the future, FAST.


Course Name Language
LIBRARY: Leadership & Management Training - Manager & Supervisor
Management development is a priority for most organizations.  The courses in this series are targeted for supervisors, managers, and leaders who need practical skills so they can manage people most effectively. 
Decision Making English
Change Management English
Hiring and Firing English
Leadership English
Managing the Younger Generation English
Motivation English
Problem Solving English

Who Should Take These Courses:

  • Current or future managers who need the "latest" in a field of study;,
  • Current or future managers who need to brush up on skills;
  • Any leaders who need new skills in order to continue to grow in current or future responsibilities; and
  • All leaders, staff or team members who wish to be better equipped for the increasingly fast-paced future.

Interactive Tools You'll Use:

  • Self-paced instruction and navigation;
  • Audio/Video case-study vignettes;
  • Built-in notepad;
  • Learner-response;
  • "Professor" insights;
  • "Coach" tips;
  • "Flashcard" memory helps;
  • Games; and
  • Instant-grading quizzes and tests, and more!

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