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Technical Professional's Power Guides

Designed for the IT Professionals

Technical Professionals have been the Marines of the Connected Age occupational army, with more business productivity attributable to the hills they have climbed and captured in the last decade than any other period in history. Yet with all the training and resources these technicians are afforded for the skill sets specific to their digital worlds, they are often neglected or short-changed when it comes to other business skills training.

As the new global economy unfolds, organizations that expect to remain competitive in the flexible, team-oriented environment are recognizing that essential interpersonal and business skills training must extend to all staff members, including and sometimes especially the technicians.

According to a recent survey, 33% of executives and 42% of IT consultants said that their biggest challenge when working with technical professionals was getting past the "technical jargon" in order to clearly convey information. That's where "The Technical Professional's Power Guides" bring condensed, powerful solutions.

The Technical Professional's Power Guides are designed with today's "techies" in mind, and are all brand new courses, written from the beginning to use the power and flexibility of the Internet to deliver the latest essential soft-skills training for technical professionals in the most flexible, user-friendly way. Each features self-navigating, self-paced study that incorporates the best of interactive learning tools without the hassle or headaches of traditional forms of training.

All of The Technical Professional's Power Guides feature vignettes or case-studies, interactive response tools, games, and research-based recommendations, so no matter what learning style you prefer, you have it available at your fingertips. By assigning these courses to your technical staff, you can have the confidence that members of your team will not only be strong in technical skills, but also in the essential organizational and people skills so necessary in the fast-pace of the Connected Age.


Course Name Your Cost Available
The Techies Guide to Change Management Included FREE NOW!
The Techies Guide to Decision Making Included FREE NOW!
The Techies Guide to Interpersonal Skills Included FREE NOW!
The Techies Guide to Managing the Younger Generation Included FREE NOW!
The Techies Guide to Team Building Included FREE NOW!
The Techies Guide to Time Management Included FREE NOW!

Who Should Take These Courses:

  • Current or future technical professionals who want to have an increasingly active role in the organization;
  • Current or future technical professionals who need to tune-up traditional skills in light of the new environment;
  • Any leaders who need the people and organizational skills necessary to grow in current or future responsibilities; and
  • All leaders, staff or team members who wish to be better equipped for the increasingly fast-paced future.

Interactive Tools You'll Use:

  • Self-paced instruction and navigation;
  • Audio/Video case-study vignettes;
  • Built-in notepad;
  • Learner-response;
  • "Professor" insights;
  • "Coach" tips;
  • "Flash card" memory helps;
  • Games; and
  • Instant-grading quizzes and tests, and more!

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