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General Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes TrainingDepartment.com™ so popular?

    TrainingDepartment.com™ is the revolutionary 100% browser-based online learning system that allows organizations and businesses of all sizes to tap into the power and rewards of Internet-based training, without having to invest in servers, hardware, software and staff to build and maintain them. Because TrainingDepartment.com only charges low Registered User fees (just $10 per month) organizations can distribute and manage their intellectual capital, courses, and a host of other training services to anyone with internet access, for a fraction of the cost of other systems.

    Until now, only large organizations and full-time educators had the budget and staff necessary to ramp up and maintain a 24-hour server-based training management system. Today you can have it all, with no special programming skill, hardware, or software required . The TrainingDepartment.com™ Web-Based Online Training system is an easy, affordable way to train colleagues, clients and vendors from anywhere. This low-cost monthly subscription service provides a hosted Intranet-based training system at a fraction of the cost of setting up and maintaining your own.

    With TrainingDepartment.com™, you don’t just get the ability to take courses. You can author, test, assess, manage, measure and more, too!

    It’s the first comprehensive online training system designed like the Big Fortune 500 Corporate Online Universities, but built for budgets of the rest of us.   [Return to Top]

  2. If I already have other training resources, why do I need TrainingDepartment.com™?

    TrainingDepartment.com™ is more than just another training resource. It's an entire package of all the online training tools and technologies any organization needs to keep team members trained and connected in an ongoing fashion in this fast-paced global economy. TrainingDepartment.com™ is the only unique, completely browser-based, course creation, distribution, and management system designed from the beginning to utilize the leverage of the Connected Economy. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to use for course creators, training managers, and students alike. And it requires absolutely no programming, no special hardware, and no up-front investment.>

    Users of TrainingDepartment.com™ can expect to save from 70-95% on training costs the first year of launch, while increasing the effectiveness of training distribution exponentially.   [Return to Top]

  3. How does TrainingDepartment.com™ work?

    Until now, robust Internet-based training programs with full administrative measurement and control involved a variety of people within and without the organization to author, design, program, distribute, manage, and maintain an ongoing enterprise. From Instructional Designers, to Graphic Artists, Videographers, Programmers, and IS managers, the task of distributing, tracking and managing training was daunting. On top of that there was the intensive cost of hardware, software and server administration. It’s no wonder only the largest of organizations were able to afford it. TrainingDepartment.com™ changes all that, with the first complete system that provides everything needed for online learning. TrainingDepartment.com™ creates an affordable Web-based intranet for your organization using the easy accessibility of the Internet. You can launch your own online University and begin using TrainingDepartment.com™ in minutes. You decide who will have access to your TrainingDepartment.com™ courses and resources, and to what information. Add employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers to your TrainingDepartment.com™ site quickly and easily. In fact, you can easily start assigning courses and students in just minutes.  [Return to Top]

  4. What does my TrainingDepartment.com™ subscription include?

    From the moment you launch your TrainingDepartment.com™ online training site, you and your constituents have immediate access to scores of FREE resources, tools, and course libraries designed to help your training enterprise be the most effective it can be, while saving costs. These include:>

    • Your own, custom, private TrainingDepartment.com site and system, where you decide what courses, privileges, and access your team members get. It’s the only Internet-based training system where you have 24-hour access to the entire server, administration, authoring and systems, and can make your online Training Department exactly the way you want it. Plus…
    • Easy Course Authoring - Enter content, images, games, tests, videos, vignettes, audio clips and more.
    • Student Administration - Let students request courses, check progress, take courses and quizzes, send e-mails, "Ask the Expert" on your own online forums, and dozens of other activities.
    • One-click Course Assigning - To groups, users, even departments.
    • Online Test Evaluation - Call up test reports by department, group, or individual student. Know what subjects need work, and which areas need attention.
    • Customized Learners Response Tools - Make your own matrices, tables, lists and a variety of learner input vehicles to maximize retention-rates.
    • Customized Games - Make your own "Hangman" and "Tic-Tac-Toe" with ease.
    • Online Forums - For students, teachers, and administrators.
    • Bookmarks - Let students leave a course, and comeback later. Or next year.
    • Floating Notepads - Take notes while in a course, any course, anytime. Student notes stay with them on the TrainingDepartment.com™ system.
    • Course Administration - Where you can change any screen or element of any course you’ve authored.
    • Your own custom library - Stocked with your organization’s courses
    • FREE Courses from The Supercharged Manager's Guides™ Library
    • FREE Courses from The Connected Manager's Guides™ Library
    • FREE Courses from The Technical Professional's Power Guides ™ Library
    • FREE Courses from The Business Foundations Guides™ Library
    • And much, much more.

    All available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    All provided FREE. The only costs you’ll ever incur is the low, monthly user fee for all registered students.…   [Return to Top]

  5. OK. What’s the catch? How much does TrainingDepartment.com™ cost?

    Really, there is only one thing you’ll be paying for, and that’s simply the monthly student fee based on the number of students who have registered on your site. After your free trial, it's just $10 per user per month -- a fraction of what you would pay to buy hardware and software, and hire technicians to set up and maintain your own Internet-based training system. You can add or remove users at any time. You get 20 MB of storage included with each user, which is more than enough for even the most studious average learner taking typical courses. Additional storage is available in 20 MB increments at $2.50 per month. Keep in mind that each TrainingDepartment.com™ account must be billed as one account; individual users cannot be billed separately.  [Return to Top]

  6. Do I need to purchase any special hardware or software?

    No. One of the advantages of TrainingDepartment.com™ is that it was designed from the ground up to capitalize on the ease of use and of accessibility for any user who can simply get online. TrainingDepartment.com™ will work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or higher and Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.x or higher.   [Return to Top]

  7. Do I need to learn anything new?

    No. TrainingDepartment.com™ was built with the non-programmer in mind. All the interfaces use simple point and click or pull-down menu activities, whether you are authoring, administrating, or simply taking courses. Plus, there are a host of "HELP" features that are available to Administrators, Authors and Students, respectively.  [Return to Top]

  8. Does a TrainingDepartment.com™ subscription include Internet access?

    No. However, you can use TrainingDepartment.com™ with any Internet Service Provider you choose. If you don't have access, TrainingDepartment.com™ can refer you to an Internet Service Provider.  [Return to Top]

  9. How can I subscribe to TrainingDepartment.com™?

    You can sign up from our Web site instantly by clicking [HERE]. Follow the four easy steps and you're ready to go!  [Return to Top]

  10. What about new features and upgrades?

    One of the benefits of having TrainingDepartment.com™ manage your online training system through the internet is knowing that you never have to buy new or upgraded software. TrainingDepartment.com™ continuously adds new resources to authoring and administration tools, and new features throughout, automatically with no equipment to upgrade on your end. This helps to ensure that your training systems are the most current and effective they can be, without the requisite time or cost associated with upgrading servers and systems you own. It’s a winning formula: we do what we do best, on the technical side, so you can do what you do best on the training side.  [Return to Top]

  11. Can I control access to the various areas of TrainingDepartment.com™?

    Yes. You can designate an infinite number of Administrators, Authors, and Students with different access and abilities at your discretion. Also included in your TrainingDepartment.com™ package is the ability for your constituents to request courses, and for Administrators and Authors to approve course requests, assign groups, departments, and individuals, and a host of other measurement and control functionality.  [Return to Top]

  12. What about security? How does TrainingDepartment.com™ keep other users, students, or companies from my information?

    TrainingDepartment.com™ provides security at several levels:

    • Gated Course Access: Since your Site Administrator(s) control access to courses, tests, and other learning tools your TrainingDepartment.com™ registered users can see only what they are approved to see, and can take only those courses that have been approved for them to take.
    • Gated Student Access: Every TrainingDepartment.com™ user must sign on with the correct Company ID, User ID and Password.
    • Gated Administration Access: Only those you authorize to have Course Authoring and/or Administration privileges are allowed into those areas.
    • Storage: Files stored in your TrainingDepartment.com™ using the TrainingDepartment.com™ Administration functions are secured on our servers with strong domestic-grade encryption technology. Our servers are securely located in a state-of-the-art facility and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by highly skilled technicians. The servers are backed up each evening and tapes are kept offsite in a secure facility designed specifically to house sensitive media.

      [Return to Top]

  13. Can I use TrainingDepartment.com™ on an existing network with a firewall?

    A proxy server or firewall that has not been reconfigured can limit some TrainingDepartment.com™ functionality, such as Web-based installation, course authoring, student record-keeping and some learner’s response tools and testing. Since a proxy server or firewall is designed to block outside access to a network, including access to your TrainingDepartment.com™, your company's system administrator must grant TrainingDepartment.com™ access through its firewall by opening the passageway.  [Return to Top]

  14. Can I use TrainingDepartment.com™ on a Macintosh?

    Yes, but like most business applications today, the majority of TrainingDepartment.com™ customers and users operate in the PC environment.  [Return to Top]

  15. What type of browser do I need to use TrainingDepartment.com™?

    You need a current browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.x or greater, or Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4.x or greater (excluding beta versions). Microsoft provides a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer free of charge online, download it now:

    Best experienced with:

      [Return to Top]

  16. What type of server technology does TrainingDepartment.com™ use?

    We use the latest Internet technologies to create your TrainingDepartment.com™ online training system, but none that is outside the mainstream, or those that the average user can’t easily and intuitively operate. These include dynamically generated Web pages, encryption components and high-performance databases implemented on a fault-tolerant, highly scaleable distributed system, all accessible from, and 100% useable through an internet browser alone. Our servers have very high-speed direct and redundant connections to the Internet. The server equipment is located in secure data centers with offsite back-ups.   [Return to Top]

  17. Do I have to pay fees to author?

    No. Authoring is included in your Registered User fee of $10 per month. As long as you don’t exceed your space allotment (20MB for each user), you can author and launch new courses as much as you like. Typical courses never come close to being 20MB in size.   [Return to Top]

  18. Do I have to know HTML?

    No. TrainingDepartment.com™ was designed from the beginning to be 100% browser-based with no programming required. Whether you are assigning groups, or designing learner’s response tools, games, if you can use a browser and pull-down menus, you have all you need to know to use the full range of TrainingDepartment.com™.   [Return to Top]

  19. Do I have to submit my courses for you to build and approve?

    No. You can create and launch courses instantaneously. And since your TrainingDepartment.com™ intranet is exclusively yours, we stay out of the "approval" business. You and any other administrators you designate can author and assign courses, and approve requests for courses as you choose.   [Return to Top]

  20. How can I reach a Customer Satisfaction Representative??

    Your personal CSR can be reached toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at 1-800-993-0240. International callers can call direct at +1 636-825-9445. Office hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. Be assured that all voice mail messages are returned promptly. Leave your name, email address, and phone number along with a brief description of your request. Of course an email request is also a good way to communicate and is promptly returned.   [Return to Top]

  21. Is it possible to upload MS PowerPoint presentations to my course?

    The Course Builder system on TrainingDepartment.com does not have an automated tool to upload MS Powerpoint presentations, however each MS Powerpoint screen can be captured in .jpg or. gif format and uploaded into the Course Builder system.  [Return to Top]

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