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Course Title:
Training The Trainer

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
by G. Liam Thompson

How you will benefit:

  • Appeal to the 4 basic learning styles
  • Use the needs assessment to define the desired outcome of training
  • Design a program to appeal to adult learning styles
  • Determine training objectives
  • Learn to assess your company’s and employees’ needs
  • Design the training programs
  • Evaluate the training program for maximum effect, during and after the program

What you will learn:

  1. Why Trainers and Training

    • Understanding the necessity for training
    • Identifying the essential qualities for a trainer
    • A systematic approach to training

  2. Principles of Adult Learning

    • How to incorporate adult learning styles into training
    • Teaching the trainer to build on life experiences in the training process
    • Understanding and utilizing “parallel process” in training

  3. Adult Learning Styles and Modalities

    • Determining an adult learner’s learning style
    • The 4 basic learning styles
    • The 6 forms of perceptual modality

  4. Needs Assessments

    • How to evaluate your company’s training needs
    • The 4 steps of needs assessment
    • Conducting an informal needs assessment

  5. Effective Training Objectives

    • Writing training objectives
    • The 3 areas of human development
    • The 4 main characteristics of each training objective

  6. Designing the Training Program

    • The 3 steps of a course outline
    • Determining time frames for the outline
    • The major elements of developing a lesson plan

  7. Evaluating the Training

    • Using evaluations to improve training programs
    • The 4 levels of evaluation
    • Using formal and informal evaluations to assess the training and trainer’s effectiveness.

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