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Course Title:
The Techies Guide to Team Building

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
There are few of us who haven't gotten caught up in the Internet and all it offers to us. While technology has grown by leaps and bounds, interpersonal interactions have more than gone by the wayside. In many offices, they’re practically non-existent. Unfortunately, as wonderful as the Internet is, it cannot take the place of a strong work force.

Although some of us might prefer our PC to our co-workers, teams in the workplace are necessary for its success. This course will teach you about the benefits of workplace teams, how to develop a team and its goals successfully, and how to evaluate its effectiveness.

With the surge in ever-growing technology, and the prevalence of electronic "communication” in nearly every facet of our lives, it’s no wonder that we’ve been overwhelmed by this new, exciting form of doing business, and let our team-building skills sit on the sidelines for a while. However, now it's time to brush up on those skills, and get all your employees working together toward their common goals.

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