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Course Title:
Hiring and Firing

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
Hiring can be a challenging process that goes beyond interviewing candidates for a position. It involves the following: assessing and defining the position, developing recruiting strategies, screening applicants, interviewing, making a hiring decision with an offer and of course the legal implications that need to be considered.

Without considering these factors, managers often hire based on how well a job candidate presents him/herself or on gut instinct. As a result, they often live to regret their hiring decisions.

Hiring the wrong person for the job leads to a decrease in productivity, high turnover, low morale, and lots of frustration for all. That is why is it vital that managers learn a system for more effective hiring.

Firing consists of employment law, progressive discipline and documentation.

In Hiring and Firing you will learn how to:

  • assess the hiring needs for the open position
  • explore several recruiting strategies
  • screen applicants to help focus on the final few
  • conduct the interview using several strategies
  • follow-up with the candidate whether they get the job or not
  • use progressive discipline effectively
  • prepare for and terminate an employee
  • stay legal in all progressive discipline and termination stages

What are the benefits of Hiring and Firing?

  • Take the right steps in preparing to fill a current opening.
  • Work within legal guidelines during the selecton process.
  • Select the best candidate with confidence.
  • Apply progressive discipline to change behavior.
  • Document correctly in progressive discipine.
  • Terminate an employee effectively.

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