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Course Title:
Decision Making

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
We all know that making decisions is part of our everyday lives – both in and out of the workplace. Some of these decisions are as simple as what to eat for lunch. Others can be life-or-death choices, both literally and figuratively.

Yet, with all the decisions we make each day, few of us have really received training in how to make decisions. We usually just make educated guesses, and hope for the best.

We’ve all faced major life decisions - both at home and at work. How do you handle those decisions in which there is no clear cut, obvious answer? Decisions in which there are both pros and cons, and they seem to be equal?

A single decision can truly make or break your career. It’s natural that when you’re pressured to make a major decision quickly, the pressure can overwhelm your reasoning abilities. However, as with most learned skills, by following the same procedure with each decision, you’ll soon learn to consider each choice the same way - in an objective and methodical manner.

The success of a business depends upon the quality of the decisions it makes. Such decisions must reflect the business strategy, the interests of the customer, his or her value and risk to the business. In addition, because of growing customer expectations and increasing competition, businesses are under pressure to provide personalized customer service within mass market cost levels.

In Decision Making you will learn:

  • The six questions to ask in your decision-making approach.
  • The four steps of a good decision-making process.
  • How to deal with group decision making.
  • How to define the decision problem.
  • How to evaluate your decision objectives.
  • The value of generating alternatives.
  • Tips for considering the consequences to your decision.
  • Application of a risk profile to deal with uncertainties.
  • The importance of feedback in decision making.

What are the benefits in learning Decision Making?

  • Make decisions with higher impact.
  • Have confidence in your decision making process.
  • Make higher-quality decisions.
  • Through the decision making process be able to explain your decision to others.

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