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Course Title:
Dealing with Difficult People

Units: 6

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
Today’s workplace has more pressure, more stress and higher expectations for performance than ever before. Few people are immune from the day-to-day battle and fewer have ways to cope.

People may seem like empty shells at work, they get the job done, but offer few new ideas, don’t participate well in activities and do the minimal to get by and get their paycheck. Is that how you want to spend your career? If you said “No!” -- this course is for you.

In Dealing with Difficult People you will learn :

Part I: They’ll kill Your Spirit!

  • The hidden behaviors that are part of the individual.
  • The more deliberate, more hurtful behaviors, difficult people use against you.
  • Initial strategies to cope with difficult people.

Part II: Re-claiming Your Spirit and Your Life!

  • How to apply a proven set of tools to help you deal with difficult people.
  • Identify their social style, called DiSC, and steps you can take to improve communication.
  • Ways to reclaim your spirit and take control of your life.

What are the benefits of Dealing with Difficult People?

  • Identify behavior that's part of an individual and selected behavior they pull up to use against you.
  • Learn strategies to cope with difficult people.
  • Apply a proven set of tools, including DiSC.
  • Reclaim your spirit and your life.
  • Complete an Action Plan for you to organize your approaches to difficult people.

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