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Course Title:
Managing Conflict for Managers

Units: 6

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
Conflict is part of daily life. When managers do not understand conflict and how to handle it, the personal and organizational effects can be damaging. This course provides easy to follow steps for resolving conflict and regaining your sense of control and balance as well as maintaining strong working relationships. And, as a manager, these skills apply upward, also.

In Managing Conflict for Managers you will learn:

  • Why conflict isn't always negative.
  • Sources of conflict and why they are important.
  • Your natural approach to conflict and others' approaches to conflict.
  • How to choose the best approach to resolve conflict.
  • Tips and techniques to resolve conflicts.
  • How to help others resolve their conflicts.

What are the benefits in learning how to resolve conflict?

  • You'll know where the conflicts originate.
  • Understand why you're reacting to conflict the way you do.
  • The approaches will help increase self-confidence for dealing with conflict situations.
  • Talk differently with people who may be causing conflict in ways that reach a positive outcome.
  • Use a set of tools that you can apply "in the moment" to manage conflict.
  • Change how you react to conflict.
  • Create a positive working environment for your team.

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