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Course Title:
Change Management

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
Change management is leading change and innovation throughout an organization. Change is a basic ingredient of life. Recommending, planning, leading, implementing and assessing change are challenges that concern everyone.

This course provides the skills and knowledge you will need for leading change and will review the forces that drive organizations to change, examine resistance to change, and present a range of approaches for making organizational change more effective.

Change Management offers tangible, easy to use tools and an end-to-end map to help you move through change, achieve early wins and build sustained results.

In Change Management you will learn how to:

  • identify the triggers for change
  • work with the human dynamics of change
  • minimize the pain of change in order to make it easier to embrace
  • diagnose the impact of change and assess the risk
  • design a communication plan to address the concerns created by change
  • engage the support of others to make change happen
  • determine key success factors for setting a future vision
  • apply a set of change management tools that have worked well for others

What are the benefits of Change Management?

  • Understand the role of top management in determining the success of change and innovation.
  • Implement strategies for overcoming resistance to change.
  • Demonstrate greater mastery of important change management skills.
  • Create communication plans that meet the informational needs throughout the organization.
  • Use a set of change management tools to be applied in the end-to-end change process .
  • Identify quick wins and build sustained results.

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