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Course Title:
Stress Management

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
by G. Liam Thompson

This course was designed with today's manager in mind. The...understaffed, over-committed, super-tasked professional with more responsibilities than time or space can seemingly allow. Today's managers and leaders are doing more with less than ever before, and without a proactive strategy to recognize, manage, and reduce stress, long-term health and performance can deteriorate.

This course was developed to improve the health, well-being and productivity of the current or future manager, through private, self-paced study that features the best of interactive learning tools without the hassel or headaches of traditional forms of training.

The pressures of work, and life in general can add up quickly, especially in today's fast-paced society. By taking this interactive course that features video vignettes, case studies, interactive response toods, games, and research-based recommendations, you can take a fast-paced journey to understanding the causes of your stress, and a significant step toward achieving a stress-management plan and lifestyle that will bring back healthy thinking, peace and contentment, even during the most challenging times.

  • Who Should Take This Course:

    • Current or future managers, leaders, or team members who wish to have a repeatable methodology for recognizing, managing and reducing stress in all areas of life.

  • Interactive Tools You'll Use:

    • Self-paced instruction and navigation
    • Audio/Video case-study vignettes
    • Build-in notepad
    • Learner-response
    • "Professor" insights
    • "Coach" tips
    • "Flashcard" memory helps
    • Games
    • Instant-grading quizzes and tests

  • What You Will Learn:

I. Identifying Stress

  1. Good Stress
  2. Prolonged Stress
  3. Common Reactions to Stress
  4. Targeting Your Personal Stress Points
  5. Recognizing Stress
  6. Your Responses
II. Stress In The Workplace
  1. Symptoms
  2. Burnout
  3. Evaluating Your Burnout Factors
  4. Seasons of Stress
III. Stop The Stress
  1. Admit Your Stress
  2. Slow Down
  3. Get Away
  4. Set Goals and Plan
  5. Keep a Journal
  6. Take Time for Yourself
  7. Take Time for Others
  8. Communicate Your Needs
IV. Are You a Stress Maker?
  1. The Qualities of a Good Manager
    1. Be a good listener.
    2. Be compassionate.
    3. Give positive feedback
    4. Learn how to give healthy criticism.
    5. Display a sense of humor.
    6. Don't ask your team to do what you're not willing to do.
    7. Don't be a dictator.
    8. Be fair.
    9. Communicate.
    10. Offer incentives.
    11. Celebrate success.
  2. Lifestyle Lessons
  3. Keep Work and Home Separate
  4. Simplify
V. Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace
  1. Calculating Your Conflict Quotient
  2. Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Conflict
    1. Watch what your say.
    2. Keep lines of communication open.
    3. Be accessible.
    4. Encourage innovation.
    5. Don't take credit for someone else's work.
    6. Consider everyone.
    7. Be flexible.
    8. Treat others the way you want others to treat you.
    9. Get training.
VI. Take Charge!
  1. Setting Your Goals
  2. It's Time For A Plan
  3. Characteristics of Good Goals
    1. Realistic and reachable
    2. Measurable
  4. Record Your Goals
  5. Plan for Success
VII. Review and Application

Final Exam

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