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Course Title:

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
by G. Liam Thompson

In the highly competitive market for talent that organizations face today, retaining qualified staff and team members depends as much on the workplace as it does the wages.

People in leadership positions play two important roles: they are shapers and they are mirrors. As shaper, leaders determine the direction an organization will take. They make decisions based on customer needs, economic constraints, market fluctuations, and their own image and vision. As a mirror, the leader shapes the organization and makes adjustments that respond to the environment and forces within the organization, and models the tone and timbre of the company culture through example.

This course provides both the basis for, as well as the key components of, the strategic kind of leadership necessary in the diverse workplace today. While rich in tactical recommendations and examples, it also allows for individual personality and style within the context of foundational principles.

How You Will Benefit:

After taking this course, youíllÖ

  • Understand why leadership is the seminal issue in todayís environment
  • Discover how a strategic leadership plan can result in significant change
  • Learn what works and what doesnít in leadership techniques
  • Develop a plan and easy tactical tools to use everyday
  • Be able to know when leadership is working, and when itís not
  • Identify the best leadership styles and techniques for you
  • Approach your leadership role with renewed confidence and better results

Course Modules:

Unit 1- Leadership Research
Unit 2- Leadership Power and Patterns
Unit 3- Creating Vision and Followers
Unit 4- Motivation
Unit 5- Business Ethics
Unit 6- The New Leadership Role
Unit 7- Leaderís Communications

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