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Course Title:
Customer Service

Units: 7

Quizzes and Tests - Included/Optional

Course Summary:
by G. Liam Thompson

How you will benefit:

  • Learn how to keep customers for life
  • Create a customer service plan to benefit your company
  • Find and act on customer service opportunities
  • Establish a customer-driven culture within your company
  • Evaluate and manage your employees to better serve customers
  • Solve problems creatively and positively
  • Motivate your employees to better serve customers

What you will learn:

  1. What is Customer Service?

    • How to keep customers for life
    • How to find the competitive edge
    • Determining the difference between conventional and service economy
    • The top 9 steps to keeping customers for life

  2. A Customer Service Plan

    • Identifying your customers
    • How to write company’s mission statement
    • Making and communicating your commitment to customer service
    • Learning to walk the talk in customer service

  3. Finding the Customer Service Opportunities

    • The causes of poor customer service
    • The 5 guidelines of measuring customer service
    • Learning to do the right things right
    • Tracking customer service ratings

  4. Customer-Driven Management

    • Establishing a customer-driven culture
    • Designing a blueprint for success
    • How to see from a customer’s point of view
    • The 10 things customers need

  5. The Customer/Employee Relationship

    • Evaluating the customer/employee relationship
    • Giving employee information and empowerment
    • Managing your employees
    • Ways to motivate your employees

  6. Creative problem solving

    • Empowering your employees
    • Rational vs. creative problem solving
    • The IDEA process – how and when to use it
    • Setting success goals

  7. Making Customer Service Work for You

    • Employing problem solving techniques
    • Giving positive feedback
    • Offering recognition
    • How to motivate employees

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